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Friday, February 25, 2011

Apple iPad 2 Event
Once again, Apple is back with its incredible product in new version. It would be iPad 2. It is announced for March 2. So, the event will be celebrated by Apple on March 2. Till now, it is kept secret. The event will be organized at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The rumor is confirmed by an image which is sent by Apple. It was an iOS calendar iCon with the date March 2. In the background of the image, we watched the iPad.

From the earlier of the week, there was a rumor that Apple will host a media event but now it is confirmed. It is expected that Apple will show off a new iPad with faster hardware and a FaceTime camera.

According to an authorized source, Apple iPad 2 gadget is ready to hit the market in March with 5 million units and in April with 3 to 4 million units.

It is also expected that the Apple iPad 2 will be featured with an upgraded display with improved anti-reflection capabilities. It is also expected that new version of iPad will be thinner and lighter with more RAM, a faster CPU, and improved graphics processing capabilities.

Many news portals expect that iPad 2 will be featured with 3G functionalities also. It would be launched for both - GSM and CDMA. And perhaps it would support both technologies in one.

There is a speculation for an extra port also on the side of the device. It is speculated for a Mini DisplayPort adapter. It could be possible for data connections as well as video output also.

Apple has already created a big record selling 15 million iPad by the end of 2010. With the iPad 2 announcement, a rumor has started for Apple iPad 3 also.


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