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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleartrip.com Travel Mobile Application
Recently, Cleartrip.com introduced the first comprehensive travel mobile application for the use on mobile phones. Now, travelers can book trains and flights, check PNR status and trip details on their mobile phones.

Cleartrip.com for iPhone and Android:

Android 2.0 + and iPhone 3.1.2 + handsets support Flight bookings, Train bookings, Trip info, Express Checkout and Destination Guides.

Cleartrip.com for Blackberry, Nokia and Others:

Blackberry, Nokia and other handsets support Flight bookings, Train bookings and Trip info only. So, people with iPhone and Android can get more knowledge about their journey and traveling with Cleartrip.com travel mobile application.

Cleartrip.com travel mobile application is very smooth and well-optimized on the mobile phones. There is no need to download or install any applications. You need not to send an SMS also to access the application.

Cleartrip travel mobile application can be access with any Internet-connected mobile device. You just have to visit www.cleartrip.com from your Internet-connected mobile handsets.

Cleartrip mobile application features have been designed very beautifully with fewer fields to fill out. It provides the best user interface. The mobile payment option is strongly secured by Cleartrip. The application supports HTML 5 which is powerful and faster.

Cleartrip mobile travel application is highly optimized and simplified for the mobile devices. It gives the best interface on the simple handsets also. The application is compared with NDTV iPhone application.


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