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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apple TV
Within a month Apple announced next version of Apple TV after Google TV solution. The device will be directly based on the iPhone 4. It means it will get A4 CPU and a limited amount of flash storage -16GB. The device will be available at $99.

The new ATV has cloud-based storage. The next version of Apple TV came in light through Engadget online magazine about tech and gadget. According to the announcement, the next version will support Cloud storage with the iPhone OS and will retail for $99.

It is being said that the device will be based on the 4th generation iPhone. It would have A4 processor with 16GB of storage and 1080p HD output. It would be quite small as the 4th generation of iPhone.

The new ATV will come without touch screen and will have minimal ports - power and (HDMI?) video output.

Apple has been working on the next version of Apple TV for a long time. In the mid Google announced about its own TV. The device would have external storage devices that will be utilized like a Time Capsule to keep your data locally.

There is no announcement about AppStore or apps for the next Apple TV but it will have an iPhone OS 4.0 operating system.

Apple TV Features:

iPhone OS

Apple A4 CPU

16GB memory

Video and Power ports

1080p video playback

Cloud Storage

External Hardrive Connectivity

$99 Price

It is nothing but a battle between Apple TV and Google TV in the gadget industry. Now, the battle has taken place in the TV gadget from mobile gadget. Till now, Google has not gotten succeed to compete against iPhone in mobile industry. Let see if Google gets succeed to compete Apple in TV industry. The tech industry is again up with the Apple and Google TV after Apple tablet.

image credit: Engadget.com


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