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Monday, August 3, 2009

Apple Tablet
In the recent news, it has been announced that Apple tablet will be unveiled this year in September with a distribute date around November rather than next year. Apple tablet on the retail store would be available from $700-$800. It would be full variety of multimedia functions along with Apple TV and gaming. Gaming would be a big part of this Apple tablet.

Apple tablet rumor is going to be a true fact. A source says that the most awaited tablet would be available in chain in Asia market at first. Apple tablet was introduced as big rumor. It was introduced as 3G-enabled in 10 inch size.

Tablet has been set to introduce in the Europe and US market before Christmas. It would offer internet-enabled portable computer which would be capable of playing music and movies. It would be equipped with toush-sensetive screen.

Tablet would be just like iPod touch, it would be able to connect web and to the Apple store, where consumers will be able to purchase a range of media including music, movies and games.

Rumor is very strong to the iTablet that it has the ability to read documents and books also, giving Apple a product to rival Amazon's Kindle. So, customers of the USA and Europe are waiting the product much eagerly than other gadgets.

We don’t know actually what it is but the rumor tells that it would be bigger than iPod like - netbook-sized iPod touch. It would be able to connect world via Wi-Fi. Apple is very sure about this product also. So, it is working on the project very carefully.

Do you think that Apple is trying to make tablet iPhone Clone? No, it is not true because rumor is now true. After sometimes, iTablet would be on front of us and there is no need to unlock this product like - Unlocked iPhone.


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