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Sunday, September 6, 2009

TomTom GPS for iPhone
There is no need for an introduction about TomTom GPS because it is one of the world most famous devices. TomTom is the world’s largest GPS hardware and software Maker Company. Lots of people across the world are using separately this application device to locate a location. This is used in car, bike and mobile phone devices also. Now, this application is available for Apple iPhone also. So, people of the world are very happy to get the application in their iPhone. Now, they needn’t to carry a separate GPS. If you have an iPhone, you can carry TomTom GPS now.

Yes, the application has been testify as the best application for iPhone device. This will work only on iPhone 3G and 3GS. To run it on iPhone, it requires 3.0 iPhone firmware applications. This has landscape views, 3D and 2D views, night and day views etc.

To run the application, there is need of more space in your iPhone device. You have to install all data into your iPhone that can take about 1.25GB space. You can install maps to locate your place.

Once you download and install, it will run very fast. However, it will take long time to download and install in your iPhone. This is very fast and you can connect it on your iPhone in less than 7 seconds. Once you download and install this, you will get list of options to run the application.

TomTom GPS application on your iPhone can give you audio and visual hints about the safety cameras, fire zones, speed warnings, etc. You can find your nearest restaurants, shortest route etc. But there is not traffic updates in this application till now.

The application is available in App store in just $99 for your iPhone. The application is able to give clear voice instructions, hands free calling via Bluetooth and music routing trough stereo. So, the complete application for your iPhone is very suitable and it can make your life faster and easier.


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