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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apple iPad and Notion Adam
Adam is known as the Desi Tablet in comparison of Apple iPod. Notion Adam is designed by an alumunus of National Institute of Design, Makarand Kulkarni. It is being known as an iPod killer.

Here, you can take a comparative look on the Apple iPod and Notion Adam:


Adam has two versions - 12.9mm and 11.4mm in thickness. It has 770 gms weighs and 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches measuring.

On the other hand, iPod measuring is 9.56 inches in height, 7.47 in width and 0.5 inch in depth.


Adam has 10-inch Pixel Qi transflective display. However, iPod has a 9.7-inch LCD colour screen.


Adam comes with 3 megapixel auto focus camera features. However, Apple iPod has lack of camera features.


Adam supports HDMI-out and 3 USB ports, and can output video at 1080p resolution. While, there is no HDMI output feature in iPod.


Adam is inbuilt with Nvidia Tegra 2 chip which runs at 1GHz. Adam runs on Google’s Android OS. On the other hand, Apple iPod runs on the iPhone's operating system.


Adam will be introduced in 16GB or 32GB versions. Apple iPad will be introduced in 16, 32 and 64GB versions.


Adam will be able to run several applications in parallel. In the iPod, there is no multitasking option in iPad's OS.


Adam supports Flash and video standard while, iPad doesn't offer support for Flash.


WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS are the leading features of Adam while, Apple iPad supports WiFi and Bluetooth.

SD Card:

SD card is not offered by Apple iPod however, Adam comes in 16 and 32GB storage options offers SD card slot. The Adam is expected at $325.

Now, let me know which are the best - Apple iPad or Notion Adam? Do you agree about this comparison?


reDwin said...

Yes.......but when is it going to see the day light?

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