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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Wars Sound Board application on iphoneOn iTunes Application Store since its launch within nine month about one billions of applications have been downloaded by users for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Among billions of applications there are top 10 for iPone and iPod touch:

iFart: it transfer your iPhone and iPod touch into a virtual fart machine. The person of application creator earned million by iFart.

My Girl’s Day: it is a menstruation calendar application which show “girlfriend’s impending mood swings and food cravings”, according to the telegraph.co.uk. All the application details had published in the online magazine.

Baby Shaker: it was a controversial application which was criticized by web users and children’s group to silence a crying baby. Now, it has been withdrawn from the iTunes store.

BulletFlight: it is the application of self-respecting people which shot targeted calculating factors such as prevailing wind conditions and ammunition type by gunmen.

iBeer: the application was center for legal battle due to mimick gulping on iPhone and iPod touch.

Dog whistler: the application is able to call your dog by whistling a sound.

LOL Maker: it was to locate picture of cat.

Influenza: the application will give you an alert disease center.

Star Wars Sound Board: it was aimed to hear a catchphrase by your favourite character by clicking on their profile.

iFlipFlow Lite: the application will reveal the undergarment of lady when you tipped the pen on your iPhone and iPod touch device.


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