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Thursday, January 15, 2009

iPhone is one of the most famous products of Apple. iPhone is also famous for its ringtones and touch and wide screen. In the recent news it is said iPhone has earned about $50 million by its application.

You can also download free ringtones with the app store where 100 million applications has been provided by Apple for its products. It is being said that in the competition of iPhone app Blackberry also going to launch an application store till this year.

For the mp3 ringtones you also can do same things for your iPhone which is the product of Apple. In the recent news we can seen the big debate with iPhone and Blackberry because of its application.

Blackberry is faster than in many ways by iPhone but the Apple products are a brand name now so, people believe still on the apple not on Blackberry. However, Blackberry is going to introduce with many things with this in the telecom industry.

Nokia is also in the competition that is why it acquired Symbian OS. I think it will be difficult for iPhone if it don't maintain it's all the application like – ringtones and other application.

Nokia is also famous for its polyphonic ringtones and now with that ringtones which are on the latest songs and music. All the mobile manufacturers are trying to do those things which are in the competition of mobile market.


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