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Saturday, August 16, 2008

While checking online for Las Vegas Car Rental Deals, the average price per day for a mid-size car runs about $45/day. This does not include the gas you consume and the insurance that you might want to get. I was able to use an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Coupon which gave me an extra day free and allowed me to use that money for liability insurance. Renting a car isn't really necessary for short trips, but it is much more convenient and you don't have to wait for taxi cabs or walk all the way across the strip during the wee hours.

The rental car I had did not have a GPS device but if you require one, you can get the GPS system for free by using a Budget Car Rental Coupon. I think that may also come with a free upgrade from economy to midsize sedan.

When we returned our vehicle, I witness a funny incident when one of the employees at Enterprise was trying to explain to a foreigner (who didn’t speak English) that she is not allowed to rent a car or drive in the United States with no ID or driver's license from her country. Overall I’d use Enterprise again and would recommend them to others.


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