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Friday, January 4, 2008

Apple iPhone

The iPhone boasts of a highly useable widescreen with touch screen controls. Slim built with measures of 115mm x 61mm x 11.6mm and weighing around 135 grams, the handset is good enough to be tucked in any pocket size. The novel dual-purpose screen which doubles up as the input gives access to its multiple features. Available in sleek black glossy & glossy white colour, the mobile phone has a sophisticated look.

The in-built music player is a treat for music lovers. The touch screen control allows you to search, play and stop songs with a gentle touch of the finger. Ringtones, Album Artwork, Cover flow and Audio books add up to help you listen, your choice of songs without any hassles. The Apple iPhone comes in two versions with memory storage of 4GB and 8GB-perfect for storing your entire music collection.

An inbuilt 2 megapixel camera with superb video features allows you to capture print quality images at a touch. The smartphone also has good imaging features to help you capture moments to the perfection. Highly advanced image management qualities make it easy to print, share and edit.


scfc16 said...

this phone is a must have !

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